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Your Foster Senior Dog has arrived!

pomeranian senior dog puppy mill survivor
grigri, senior dog

What an exciting time.

You have decided to welcome a Foster Senior Dog into your home.

How to get ready ?

A few days before your foster dog arrives, you will have to spend some money on

food, leashes, a soft bed, maybe some toys.

Typically the rescue will take care of the vet costs.

If your dog is in a wheelchair, make sur you know how to operate

a dog weelchair.

If the senior dog has specific medical condition, ask the rescue

a chart so you know when and what time to give the proper medication.

When the dog arrives, spend some time with it, one on one.

Get to know your dog, introduce him to the other animals. Maybe take him for a short walk around the block or let him sniff in the garden.

At feeding time you can use the dietary food recommendations that the shelter


Most senior dogs will need low calerie diets, as they move , they spend less energy so they are at risk of becoming overweight.

Your rescue shelter will give you all the information you need to take

good care of your senior.

Take it slow, let him recuparate from coming out of a stressfull situation

to a loving foster home.

He is save now and you will have time to get to know him.

And thank you for taking a chance on fostering a senior dog.


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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