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Get ready to foster a senior dog

senior pomeranian puppy mill rescie senior dog
grigri, puppy mill survivor

You feel you are ready to foster a senior dog. Where to start ?

First talk to your family members if they agree to foster a senior dog till he finds a loving home.

Check if your house is a safe environment and if your landlord allows animals. In case you do have other animals, are they dog friendly.

Next, find a reputable rescue in your area. In case you do not know

where to start ask your local vet.

If you are familiar with a specific breed or if you have knowledge to care for a disabled pup, specify this in your application, you can apply to foster a senior dog with that disability as your knowledge of care will be invaluable as a foster parent.

If you have found a senior dog you want to foster, you will need to complete an application.

Don't be afraid to ask some questions to the rescue such as

* will there be additional costs for the foster parent ?

* Who will pay the vet costs ?

* does the foster parent pay for the dog food ?

* How much assistance is offered in finding your foster dog a permanent home ?

* how are visits scheduled with prospective adopting parents ?

If you are ready, complete the application. The rescue organisation will make an appointment to visit your home and yard to see if you are suitable for fostering.

Than the wait for your foster senior dog begin, which will not be too long as rescue shelters are always looking for great fosters.


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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