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Taking care of your Senior dog

looking for a caregiver for your senior dog

In this throw-away society, senior dogs are the first to go when their 'family' has a new baby,.. when the 'family' is moving to a new place,.. when the 'family' is adopting a new puppy...when the dogmom dies..and no one from the 'family' wants to take care of the dog.

When will people start to appreciate these senior dogs ? Their love and dedication to their family for all those years, they would give their life for you, these senior dogs that deserve a home were they are loved and feel secure. Where they know they are safe till the day they die.

Sadly, for a lot of them it's not the case and they will end up at the shelter. What if you (the dogmom) gets sick and die ?

How to avoid that your senior dog becomes a statistic after your dead

During life, they're there for you; make sure they have an after-care in the event something happens to you. "Coming up with a plan for the ease of your pet is the final act of kindness."

Lots of dogs end up at the shelter after there dogmom/dad dies and they didn't have someone to take the dog into their home... although lots of familymembers want your car, your house, your money.. they do not want the 'thing' you loved the most in life.. your dog (or cat,..)

Some steps to avoid this

* putting your dog in your will

* identifying a caregiver

Most people will prefer a close friend or family member, so give it a lot of thought and have an open conversation to make sure they are willing and able to do it.

No caregiver ? There are plenty of alternatives, from breed-specific to charitable organisations set up for the sole purpose of taking in the pet at the owner's demise, usually in exchange for monetary contribution.

Best is to start your research now to find out what your capabilities are.

* You can also leave money to your pet. Include the caregiver in your will

* Select also 2 temporary emergency caregivers in the event something unexpected happens (in case of an accident).

* Carry a alert pet card that lists these names and their contact info in your wallet and put together a dossier for each of your pets

Include general information: what they eat, drink, habits, medication, groomer, vet, dog sitters. Do they like children? Other pets? Give this to the caregivers.

A little planning could be the best gift you'll ever give your senior dog, they are so worth it.


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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