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You got a new puppy from a breeder !? I am NOT happy for you!

Scrolling down IG I see you got a new pup from a breeder, you are posting pictures all over IG.. Great! I am NOT happy for you.. I just can't.

Knowing that I'm also scrolling passed hundreds of shelter dogs who are going to be euthanized at the shelters tomorrow, I’m really pissed off at you. How could you possibly spend all that money on a dog, when the amount you spent could probably have saved at least several dogs from death at your local kill shelter?

But instead you bought a new dog from a breeder, and I just refuse to get behind it. I cannot possibly bring myself to be happy that you bought a dog from a breeder. I just can’t. Knowing that Grigri spend almost 8 years in a tiny cage, almost didn't survive.. and there are still millions suffering the same faith for your puppy. Knowing you can find virtually any breed of animal in your local shelter – purebred or mixed – but YOU pay hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars for a pup from a breeder.

I just can’t be happy for you.

Don’t ask me to celebrate the addition of the new family member that you bought. I won’t. I won’t like your puppy's pictures on IG. I won’t reply to your Instagram stories. Instead, I will pray that the dogs you didn’t bother to consider at the local animal shelter find homes. I can’t even look at your dog with a “oh she’s so cute!” attitude, because I’m just mad. In fact, I may “unfollow” you.

I just can’t be happy for you.

It makes me ill, really. People want puppies. People want specific breeds. That’s all fine and well. I get it. Did you know you can find puppies in shelters?! There are breed specific rescues all over the place who have puppies. Can’t find one in your city? Transportation is often available, and I guarantee it’ll be cheaper than that breeder dog you bought.

I just can't be happy for you.

Knowing you went for a quick fix (dog of a breeder or worse from a pet shop or directly online where they fly your dog to you) instead of taking your time to visit rescue shelters and look for the perfect dog for you. I really hope you keep the puppy till he is old and grey and takes his last breath.. but chances are small and there is a huge possibility it will end up at the shelter one day..!

The emotion I’m feeling right now is anger. I can’t bring myself to understand why. Don't you care that millions of otherwise healthy dogs will be killed this year, because their lives are less valuable than 'YOU' getting to have the status symbol of having 'x' dog breed..

Don't you know that breeders are running a business, so it's only in their best interest to advertise the benefits to owning a purebred, and even perpetuating the myth that certain positive attributes cannot be found in shelter dogs. Ironically, estimated 25 percent of dogs in shelters are purebred!

Didn't you educate yourself BEFORE getting a puppy ? Didn't you notice all the dogs at the shelter ?

Don’t even get me started on the breeding itself. I think the act is sick and disgusting. I can’t imagine forcing dogs to have sex so they can reproduce puppies. Don’t try to put that whole “we need to continue perpetuating the breed standard” crap. I won’t hear a minute of it. Would you want to be forced to have sex to reproduce? Yeah, uh, something tells me no.

I don’t blame your new puppy. I blame you for buying it and making the process look glamorous. Too many dogs of all ages are dying in shelters all around the globe as we speak, and you are part of the problem.. Adopt NEVER shop!


a seniordog-o-holic mom of 3, all rescued and loved

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