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National adopt a shelterpet day

mini maltese senior dog adoption national adopt a shelterpet day
Dulce 15 years old

Today is #nationaladoptashelterpetday and I really want to hear your story and maybe you inspire someone to go to their local shelter and do the same.

I start.. I adopted Miss Dulce when she and her 5 siblings were dumped at the 'young' age of 12.. all rotten teeth, skinny, problems with their legs, not loved in a long time.. but they had each other.

After a couple of months at the shelter were they received the proper care we could adopt them. They all had to say goodbye to each other and go their separate ways.

Dulce found a loving home with Grigri 😇 and Lily.

Today she is 15 and she loves coming home ❤

She does her little happy dance everytime she walks through the front door. She is loved.

Choosing to adopt a pet is choosing to change a life forever!


a 'Senior Dog'mom- O-Holic

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