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How to find a home for your senior Foster dog?

Now that your foster senior dog is with you, you also can start

looking for the perfect family.

Spread the news that your foster senior dog needs a loving home.

This is how :

* You can take your foster senior dog to the local dog park and let the community

know that you are fostering a senior dog from a rescue organization.

If you find a permanent home for your foster, they

need to get in touch with the rescue organization.

They will share the next steps about the adoption process

* Ask the rescue if they have found a home. Maybe they will

schedule some visits for adopting parents to meet your senior dog.

* Normally your rescue will advertise on social media. But if you have

a social media acc you can also post some pictures of your

foster with the contact info of the rescue, as you are getting to know your foster you can even include some fun pictures and more personal information.

* Rescues sometimes organize community adoption events.

They will ask you to join with your foster dog.

You can share the dates on your social media, maybe see

if you can find people who love senior dogs to visit the event.

* And last but not least.. The foster fail.. YOU will adopt your foster

senior dog. After several weeks you have grown attached to your senior dog and you can't think of a life without him..

Contact the rescue and announce the good news.

You are now officialy a dog mom to your foster senior dog.

And I hope when you are ready, you will foster a senior dog again...


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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