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Winter and your senior dog

It is starting to get colder, time to pull out our winter clothes to stay warm. Should senior dogs also wear clothes in winter ?

The general rule is.. when you are cold, they are cold.

Most senior dogs will benefit from wearing a coat outside (it protects them from the cold, wind and rain). They do feel the cold more than younger pups. Some senior dogs also wear a sweater inside.

But it depends on the senior dog. You know your dog best. Grigri has a lot of fur (it took him one year when he was saved to get it back to health, and although his skin will remain sensitive, he has now a thick fur) and doesn't need a sweater.

However, when he comes back from the groomers (I keep it a bit shorter in these corona times, you never know when they have to close again) he will wear his dogmoms favorite sweater in the house that he got from a dear friend, Violet.. but he prefers to go nakkid.

If you are not sure if your senior is cold, here are some signs

* shivering

* hold up a paw

* whining

* not interested in walking

* not behaving as he normally does on a walk

Things to be aware of when you buy a coat for your dog, it can irritate your senior dog

* hanging zippers

* neck that is to tight

* mobility restricted when they walk

Some dogs also wear dog boots.

Walking on salt is painfull for a dog, if you can't avoid it where you live it is the best option. It will take some time before they get use to it, they will walk around funny trying to adjust to these silly boots (laughing as a dogmom is a NO NO, but you can take a picture of it to share on IG)

Otherwise carry him till you are in a safe area to put your dog down.

Some dogs only wear snoods or cowls. If you need a adress where you can find handmade ones and want to give back at the same time,

check out :

* IG you find @wileygonewild. His mom is knitting cowls and blankets to support a animal shelter in need


a dogmom (drinking some wine to keep herself warm)

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