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A Dog's infinite Love

senior pomeranian keeshond

If you are afraid that you have given me few caresses, know that I have not forgotten even one.

If you regret having scolded me even once, know that I don’t even remember it.

If you think you have left me alone too long, know that I have always been waiting for you.

If you fear that you have spent too little time with me, know that I, even that little, have enjoyed every moment.

If you think you have played little with me, know that I have never counted the times you threw me the ball.

If you think I have forgotten your perfume, you must know that even now I am smelling it on the wind.

If you would like to be reborn in another life, you should know that I would like to be your puppy dog in that one too.

If you are convinced that you have some flaws, you must know that for me you have been the perfect one.

If you believe that love can have an end, you should know that in my heart the place of love is infinite.

If you think you have regrets about me, know that I would not change a single second of the life I have spent with you.

If you think I no longer hear your voice when you call me, just trust the evening breeze to bring me your words.

If you think I can forget your face, know that I wanted to live only to enjoy your gaze.

If you think I could have loved anyone more than you, know that I have loved you more than myself.

If you think I would have liked a soft couch, know that with you I would have slept on the stones too.

If you think I wanted more than what you gave me, know that I have always felt

like the happiest puppy in the world.

If you have ever felt lonely, know that I have never left my place with you.

If you think my life has been short, know that I wouldn’t have wanted to live another minute if I hadn’t spent it by your side.

If you fear that I am no longer near you, know that as soon as you close your eyes I will fall asleep by your side.

If you think you haven’t made the right decision, know that I have always trusted you.


If you dream someday of being able to see me again, know that I will be there waiting for you.

Just like I’ve always done.” 💞🐾❤️

by Emanuele Grandi

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