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Lost Pet Prevention Awareness

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Today, with overcrowded shelters everywhere it's more important than ever to Tag your dog. Your dog can be find miles away from where you lost him. On it's last day at the pound if the dog has not be claimed it is very likely to be put to sleep unless it's one of the lucky ones who are saved by a rescue. Thousands of dogs die this way every year so make sure your dog is never one of these! TAG YOUR DOG.

Nobody's Dog

Today is the death day of nobody’s dog

Nothing will mark it but a note in the log

I’m faceless & nameless and no tears will fall

For I know in your world I have no worth at all

To you, my sweet someone, I’m a friend and a dear

We ran the wind daily and you held me so near

But the gate was left open – I chanced a walk on my own

I’d have cowered in fear if only I’d known

I know how you cried on the night that I strayed

I know how you searched, I know how you prayed

But I went to a pound far far from our home

Where I crouched in despair in my kennel alone

I know that you phoned for I heard your dear voice

And I hoped you would hear me so I barked myself hoarse

Although I’m a Lab cross with stockings all white

On their form I’m a Staff cross – the description’s not right

So they said I’m not here & I sank to my bed

My kennel cough’s worse and I can’t raise my head

The rescue came yesterday but they hadn’t a place

For an un-neutered cross breed with his mucus-streaked face

If only you’d come to search for me here

You would have known me at once, you would have sensed I was near

You would have sorted my ills, you would have carried me home

I promise our God no more would I roam

Now my eyes plead for mercy for my seven days are done

And I am waiting with dread for the final vet run

No arms will caress me as they inject me to death

No words will comfort me as I take my last breath

When the body man comes, it is fitting I’m found

In a bin bag in the freezer in the depths of the pound

Thrown away like the rubbish - no respect and no shame

Denied even the time to find you again

My loyalty & devotion they did cruelly betray

Without microchip or name tag, I am just a dispensable stray

Once waggy-tailed, once proud, beloved & free

by Trudie James

Lost and found pets

Hopefully it never happens to you as an owner that your pet gets lost. Is your dog or cat missing? Then go find him right away.

Has your dog run away on a walk? Then put a piece of clothing where you last saw it. Often dogs come back to where they got lost or stay nearby waiting for their owner.

What if you can't find your pet?

Is your pet chipped and registered? Notify DogID or CatID if you live in Belgium via their website. Vets and shelters will be able to read your data if you have given permission on the DogID or CatID website.

Otherwise look at your local rules who to contact.

Also notify the police. This way they are informed when someone brings in a lost animal. In addition, a stray dog ​​could cause an accident.

Make posters and hang them up in your area. You can also contact reception centers in your area. You can also report your lost animal at:

What do you do with a found pet?

When you find a dog or cat, you are obliged to take it to a shelter or the local police within four days. They will check whether the animal is chipped and registered. Do you suspect it is a stray cat? Then contact your municipality.


a Dog mom-O-Holic, doing her best to keep her dogs safe

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