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Merry Christmas ?

A Pet is a 10-20 year commitment!

Batteries not included ...

It is almost #Christmas,

And all are full of cheer,

But I lay freezing on the step,

I always sleep right here.

I never get to go inside,

And join in all the fun,

I'm what they call a yard #dog,

When all is said and done.

They have given me some scraps,

I think it was last week,

Now laying in the snow today,

I am feeling tired and weak.

I can hear the children playing,

As my head lay on my paws,

This time just last year,

I was a #gift from Santa Claus.

I don't know what I did wrong,

To be shut out in the yard,

I only lived inside 6 months,

Since then my life's been hard.

The snow is falling heavy now,

I'm just a block of ice,

And when I breathe the cold cold air,

My lungs feel like a vice.

A miracle then came to pass,

An Angel did appear,

She glowed,and I could feel the heat,

As she floated near.

She reached her hand and beckoned,

It was such a sight to see,

She smiled and said "Good Dog,

It is time to come with me.

I will take you to the bridge,

Where all the Good #Dogs go

You can play there in the sunshine,

There will be no freezing snow."

My bag of bones stood up then,

I shook the snow from off my fur,

And,as I slowly followed,

This is what I said to her.

"I am not a #GoodDog though,

In that I think you're wrong,

No one would shut a Good Dog,

In the garden for so long."

The Angel turned and smiled,

As I walked with head hung low,

Then she said"I'm sorry,

I thought that you would know.

You really are a Good Dog,

The reason why your time is up,

It is just unfortunate,

You were born a #Christmaspup."

I now live at the #RainbowBridge,

And I am filled with joy,

But remember this at Christmas time,

A dog is NOT a #toy.

To clarify this message,

To which I have eluded,

Animals are living things,

Batteries are not included ❤️

~ Author Unknown

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