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Christmas gifts for dogs

It's no surprise that Christmas gifts for dogs are becoming more popular every year.

If you are a crazy dogmom like myself there will be more christmas presents under the tree for the dog than for the humans like a ridiculously cute 'ugly Christmas sweaters' for your senior dog, to match his moms outfit

1) If your senior dog is like mine then food is the number one favourite gift.

Treats like crackers, bones, healthy seasonal treats , you can even make them yourself. Check out blog , their dogmom has great recipes to make healthy and scrumptious treats.

2) Another great gift for an older dog, especially one that struggles with mobility, is a dog stroller. I know there is likely snow outside but winter is not forever

Check out

They have posted ''A Buyer’s Guide to The Highest Rated Dog Strollers in 2020''

3) If your dog is suffering from arthritis then they may appreciate the therapeutic help that an orthopedic dog bed can bring.

Some of the advantages and uses of memory foam dog beds

Comfortable and soft

* If you are looking for a dog bed that offers utmost comfort, softness, and relaxation in one package, then this bed is the perfect choice for your little companion! Memory foam dog beds will give your senior dog a royal bed experience he will truly love!

* Keeps you away from muscle pains

Memory foam dog beds are equipped with numerous mini springs for utmost support, ensuring that the bed distributes your weight evenly throughout the surface. There’s no poor night’s sleep with these beds.

*Durable and long lasting

These beds also specialize in durability due to the multiple layers of foam equipped inside of the covers. With their perfected built and design, most of these beds are waterproof, and dust, mold, and bacteria resistant with their inner lining.

*Perfect choice for senior dogs

These types of beds are the best picks for dogs simply because they are therapeutic, comfortable and waterproof for your furry companions to enjoy! Bite-proof beds are also abundant, thus memory foam dog beds truly are the best choice among the other kinds online.

Since the budget is also an important part, you should also be wary of your limit to avoid overspending. Worry not; there are plenty of great memory foam dog beds available online for your budget too.

4) Outside of the product world another terrific gift to give your senior dog is a canine massage. There is a growing number of professional dog massage therapists popping up to address the growing demand for this alternative treatment. If you have ever had a massage yourself you should understand just how great it can feel, not to mention the therapeutic benefits for your dog.

5) Donate

Instead of giving a lot of gifts to your senior dog (we know, they can't have enough beds...) give a donation to a shelter in name of your dog or sponsor your local shelter.

Why sponsoring a dog makes a great gift

Whether it's an unusual birthday gift, a charity Christmas present or special anniversary surprise, sponsoring a dog is the perfect gift for dog-lovers. Many people have space in their hearts for a dog of their own but don't have the time, space or financial ability to do so. By sponsoring a dog as a gift you'll not only provide them with a new doggy friend but you’ll also be helping change the lives of the thousands of abandoned dogs that come through the shelter doors every year.

6) funny dog tags - let your dog show everyone how they really feel..

dog tag from

This of course is not an extensive list, but hopefully I have given you a few things to consider this Christmas for your older dog. What are you giving your senior dog this year?

Please feel free to share you Christmas gift ideas. :)


a Dog Mom-O-Holic

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