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Why another Senior Dog Blog ?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

senior pomeranian in black and white with red butterfly and hearts
Grigri 12 year Enjoying Life

An easy question to answer. Till this day, there are still to many senior dogs in the shelters hoping they get adopted before getting euthanized, only based on age to make space for the younger dogs. A throw-away society is no place for the loyal and wonderful canine species, especially for seniors.

As a concerned Senior Dog mom, I see that there is still a need to educate and raise awareness about all the benefits of these sweet seniors.

Caring for a dog is a major responsibility and shouldn't be taken lightly. The love, devotion and joy you will receive from these ‘seniors’ will be unsurpassed. They have earned their wisdom and deserve our appreciation.

What can you expect in this blog ?

All about senior pet adoption, fun stories on living with them, loving them and so much more. I will introduce great rescue shelters who will go above and beyond to care for dogs.

And I will bring you in contact with other amazing senior dog blogs and shops who give back. Yes, I share and care, we have too,.. the lives of senior dogs are depending on it.


A Senior Dog mom

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