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Welcoming a new senior dog in our home

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Expecting a new dog is always something to look forward to..

But the question is, where do you get your dog from ?

As a dogmom from a puppy mill survivor I am horrified when people feel the need to buy a designer dog..

I know first hand when Grigri was rescued, how long it took before he was 'healthy' enough to get adopted.

And I am not even speaking about the mothers in puppy mills.

Mother dogs spend their entire lives in cramped cages with little to no personal attention. When they can no longer produce puppies, they're abandoned or killed. Due to poor sanitation, overbreeding and lack of preventive veterinary care, dogs and puppies from puppy mills suffer from a variety of health issues

The more people keep buying dogs , the more this will continue..

And.. There is no such thing as 'responsible' breeding when countless unwanted dogs are sitting and will

likely die in overflowing shelters..

especially these last years.. thousands of perfectly healthy dogs, once loved.. now dumped are getting euthanized !

And do not get me started about senior dogs ! It breaks my heart to see them in a shelter.. so what does a crazy dogmom do ? Adopt another one..

mini maltese senior dog pink bow pink dog chair
Dulce 13 year just adopted

Meet Dulce, a 13 year old girl, not longer wanted by her family and dumped with her 5 siblings because they cost to much money now that they are getting older !

💝 Welcome home, Dulce 💝


a dogmom of 3 fur children

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