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This month Is still Senior Dog Month .. well in my book, that is every day of the year.. and we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I know this is a day to thank you friends and family, but do not forget the senior dog at your side, loyal and lovable.

Senior dogs can be in your life from puppy on, or you can have adopted them when they were a senior. Seeing them change from puppy with maximum energy levels into a calm, grey muzzle senior dog is special, some dogs don't make it this far.

This is a special day, don't forget to thank your dog for being in your life.. make some memories, take a walk with your senior dog, take pictures, just hang out.. enjoy the little moments.. especially when you have a senior dog. Cherish them..

We feel a special gratitude for senior dogs It's a blessing having them in our lives.

Today I feel grateful

Thank you


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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