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Stop blaming Shelters !


Today more than ever, shelters are overcrowded, dogs get euthanized by the dozen!

Workers and volunteers act as the emotionally connected guardians of unwanted companion animals.

Rescues everywhere are trying to safe as much as possible, but with adoptions at a all-time low and desperate for fosters, their hands are tied..

If you work in animal welfare your heart is shattered every day. It is an emotionally (often physically too) draining industry with high suicide and depression rates. On top of that so many people are angry at and bad mouth shelters without really understanding the problem.

The public rarely sees or understand what is really going on. Those in animal welfare are in tears and want to give up multiple times a day. The suffering is heartbreaking and on top of it deciding who lives or dies or having to say no, to one animal after your 20th call that day, it haunts you forever. You remember their faces!

👉Statistics show that ONLY 1 IN 10 DOGS BORN find a home. So yes, even if the selfish breeder got homes for all their means FOR EVERY pup they sold..9 other dogs (just dogs not even cats or other animals) were killed/destroyed/pts/euthanized.


THERE ARE JUST NOT ENOUGH HOMES. We are not even talking about good homes, they are even less. Shelters do not have unlimited space and resources.

There is a misconception that only dogs and cats end up in shelters but there are many rescue organizations for birds, rabbits and other animals who are neglected, abused or discarded by people who have bought them. There is basically a breed-specific rescue for every breed and the "purebreds" in shelters have drastically increased the last few years.

Many shelters are scared to share the statitstics, but we think it is extremely neccesary, so that people can wake up and smell the blood on the public's hands!

This massive overpopulation crisis is created and perpetuated one litter at a time!

People do not STERILIZE their pets. They do not understand the health benefits nor the overpopulation crisis it creates. Even your single dog in your yard can contribute to the problem when another unsterilised animal enters your yard or yours gets out by accident.

If you have family, friends, or neighbors that are part of this crisis, politely educate them on how important it is to spay & neuter and keep their pets in their yard.

People must take responsibility for the numbers of unwanted animals and their deaths. The solution is not in blaming those who try, but by changing our own behavior so that we may control this problem together as a community.

Tour a shelter💔

Maybe schools should implement a hour a week to go the rescue shelters, to get educated on how life is for the dogs if you don't take care of them, maybe they can take the dogs on a run, or read to them..

Maybe if we educate children, they will take better care of their pets when they grow up..


a senior dog-mom-O-Holic, whishing she could safe them all

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