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Sleeping habits of the Senior Dog part III

In December I did my second post on Senior Dog sleeping habits, but did you really think we were already done with the sleeping part ?

A true dog mom knows.. there is still more to come...

What would a senior dog rescue out of a burning building ? That's right.. his dog bed(s)

There are many many maaaaany dog beds out there. How to find out which is the right one for your old man.. ?

Here are a couple of examples

* Orthopedic Dog Beds : super-comfortable for achy old bones and joints and prevents painful pressure points.

- some with memory foam

- some heated

* Water-Resistant Orthopedic Dog Beds : these are great water-resistant choices, for when you senior dog will experience incontinence problems.

and than we have these...

* super delux dogbeds with ''some'' bling on it for the Diva's

* the mancave : The perfect place to hide from your enoying sisters or to hide from the Va-Koom, that noisy machine that makes things disappear

* what about those in different shapes... in the shape of bananas, cars, .. all shapes and sizes.. a nightmare for the dog mom who is a true interior designer by heart... how do you match your couch with a flamingo dog bed, a hotdog dog bed and a green shark dog bed ?

No, please.. tell me.. HOW ?

But when it comes down to it, once they discover the couch that is where they want to be.. by your side, ready for you to get up so they can steal your warm spot.. and for the cuddles of course.


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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