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Senior Dogs sleeping habits part II

senior dog pomeranian puppymillsurvivor napping dog sleeping
Grigri enjoying his nap of the day

Yesterday we discussed one of the Senior Dogs FAVORITE things to do .. sleeping...

There are a lot of sleeping positions.. here are a few..

The Fetal Position: curled up with their tail near their head and paws tucked in.

Meaning : They may seem tough to the everyday passerby but they are actually quite shy and sensitive.

The Yearner: sleeping on their side with all four paws reaching outwards.

Meaning: These dogs are the most easy-going, laid back dogs who are very comfortable in their environment.

The Cuddler: Your dog always prefers to be snuggled up with a friend when they sleep.

Meaning : These dogs are usually very affectionate but can be quite needy because of it. This usually means that your dog loves you and you make them feel happy and safe. When they cuddle with other dogs they will feel really bonded with them.

How does your dog take his naps ?

Grigri is the Yearner, he would love to be the Cuddler, but his sister is not having it..

but when I adopted our latest furchild, 12 year old Dulce who LOVES to cuddle, Grigri didn't wanna have nothing to do with it.. how the tables have turned ;)


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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Janet Daniel
Janet Daniel
Feb 26, 2023

Increased need for warmth: As dogs age, they may become more sensitive to cold temperatures and may need extra warmth while sleeping. Providing a cozy bed with extra blankets or a heated bed can help keep them comfortable.

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