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Senior Dogs.. reasons to adopt them...

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

senior dog pomeranian puppy mill survivor

If you don't know it by know, I have a passion for senior dogs and would love to see more of those sweet seniors finding loving homes, so of course I’d like to “convince” you to adopt one!!

Personally I think old dogs are gorgeous sweet souls, but I understand why people see puppies as too cute for words and want one NOW! But lots of people underestimate the work that goes into a puppy.

Puppies don’t train themselves and a lot of time and effort will go in it. If there is no one home during the day what will you do with the puppy? You cannot keep him in a crate 10-12 hours a day although many people do, but it’s not fair. Will you hire a dog walker? Enroll him in doggy daycare?

When it’s impossible to resist the adorable face without giving it the serious thought it deserves, nobody wins. Returning the dog means heartbreak for the people involved and the longer you waited to give him back, especially without training him, the more unadoptable he becomes. I see it at my local shelter. Especially big dogs who lack training and will end up longer at the shelter because they will need training before getting put up for adoption.

remember, every senior dog that is in a shelter was once a 'what a cute puppy - i need it NOW'

Why I save old dogs

I can’t say I ever intentionally set off to rescue senior dogs, it is something that happened when I adopted my first senior dog, 10 year old Arabella who didn't leave my side untill 9 years later.

senior dog adoption old dog grey dog grey face

Now my only requirement for adoption is the older the better. Why? My soul is nourished by being the guardian of dogs in their golden years and it is as simple as that.

reason people 'dump' animals :

Excuses, and a few legitimate reasons, why animals end up in shelters

* Owners have no time

* Sharing life with a dog is more work than they are able or willing to put in

* Change in work schedule

* Kids off to college and no one left to care for the animal

* Change in lifestyle

* Moving and no pets allowed

* Not cute anymore

* Doesn’t match the carpet (yes it is a reason)

* Doesn’t get along with the other dog/pets

* Wife is pregnant

* Misbehaving

* Guardian died and no one else is willing or able to take the animal : this is why a will has to be in place to keep the future of your dogs safe - read my blog ''Taking care of your Senior dog Part I'' for some helpfull tips

* Can’t afford the vet bills

* Leaving an abusive situation * sadly there are still not enough save houses where woman can go and take their dog or pets with them, which keeps them even longer in an abusive situation* If you want more information, contact Kahlua Irish Creme GSD (@kahluairishcreme) • Instagram-foto's en -video's

@kahluairishcreme on IG for more information about #dogsagainstdomestic

* Illness/lengthy hospital stay/nursing home

* Allergies, sometimes a case of “sudden onset”

* and the latest.. lockdown has finished, people have no longer time for the dog that rescued out of the they bringing them back

Of course a few of these reasons are legitimate and I can’t help but feel sadness for anyone forced to part with a much loved companion. The rest are cop outs. I may sound harsh but that’s the way it is. Pets are seen by many as disposable, when they’ve had enough they return them, much like a sweater they don’t care for anymore. It is an attitude that needs to change, .. why not let children help an hour a week at the local shelter.. ? Educate from an early age.

Old is not dead

There is something about the images words like “old” or “senior” bring to many a mind. Shriveled up, dried up, shuffling along, sleeping all day, barely moving, not even worthy of attention. You and I may not see and feel that, but sadly to many do.

senior dog swag dog id tag pet id tag dog tag hondenpenning

What you see is what you get

When you adopt mature or animals there are no mysteries about what their adult size, personality, energy level, or grooming needs will be.

Perfect companion for the active lifestyle

Some senior dogs are still puppy at heart, ..11 year old senior dogs and older that love to hike, walk, enjoy spending lots of time outdoors.

Perfect companion for the inactive lifestyle

On the flip side, if you love sitting on your couch and enjoy a good book there are plenty of senior dogs who would love to keep you company. My favorite.. the lazy ones

You’ll enjoy uninterrupted sleep

Unlike the puppy that has to go out during the night for pee breaks and cries because he misses his siblings, your old dog will get himself settled into his bed or give you the 'stare' like Grigri does when I thinks EVERYONE should go to bed.. even when it's only 8pm.

and last but not least.. you have a loving furiend for life


a senior Dog-O-Holic of 3 senior dogs

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