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Senior Dogs change your life

Did your senior dog change your life ? Did you look further than the 'yes, i have a dog, I take him out, give him food''- person but are not really invested like a true dogmom is (you know.. the ones that are showing their dogs pictures to everyone who is slightly interested.. you know who you are)

My life changed. When you find your purpose in life, it becomes easier.. It doesn't have to be a big thing like wanting to become a famous actress.

It can be the little things .. like being creative and share your work..Make the world you live in (your city or neighboroughood) a better place.

Maybe you adopted a dog and are now having your own rescue shelter, or maybe you started your own grooming business.

My purpose in life is to spread the news how awesome senior dogs are. Everyone should have one (or more) in their home. They bring you love, tranquility, they are ''living in the moment''-Masters, enjoying all the little things.. hence this blog.

Maybe you are a dogmom who is totally invested and is doing a lot of crazy stuff for your senior dog that ''normal'' people will never understand.. like sleeping on the couch when they first get home or when they are sick, ordering something online for them and adressing the package to them (some postmen have no sense of humour when you tell them the dog can't sign the package.. ), not going to the party cause the dog looked at you with their famous puppy eyes, building ramps all around your house for your senior dogs, moving to a house so they have garden, spending lots of toys and clothes on them.. having an IG account (I admit, I am one of them..), taking more pictures of them than you did of your second child..

Some people will call it spoiled.. I call it LOVE

How did your dog change your life ?


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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