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Meet some amazing Senior Dog Advocates

In my previous post I talked about how you can become a senior dog advocate.

Now I want to introduce you to some amazing senior dog accounts that not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

If you are curieus about what's it like living with a bunch of senior dogs (yes, plurar, you can never only get 'one' senior dog...they multiply by love..) than you need to check them out.

First meet the Peewee brigade.. fashionable, naughty but above all loved. This is how every senior dog should spend their live (yes, i hear some big dogs say 'not in that outfit' , but they will be surprised how good you can look in a tutu :) .. just kidding.. ),.. in a healthy enviroment, knowing they are safe and can spend their golden years till they get their wings.

Second : Morristherescuedpup.. what can I say.. EVERYONE should have a little Morris Dog and TT in their lives..

Meet this amazing crew of seniors that are the epifany of #seniordogsadvocate and they are not afraid to share it.

TT sadly crossed the rainbow bridge and his mom created Yolobekind :

Listen up #teamyolobekind!

✨TT’s legacy will continue to inspire in ways I can only imagine in my brain, and this #yolobekind🦄 bandana collection is the first official kick off to the movement.

⭐️Thanks to our dear friend and auntie Amber of @snowbunnybeanies , the sale of these bandanas will help different organizations each month. And a month of April, 50% will be donated to @gowildhearts , a group very close to our hearts because they donated a quad cart for TT in his challenging last chapter.

last but not least : Iamgurk. Not only have they a crazy dogmom (hands up if you can relate !) but she has also an amazing dogblog to promote 'special dogs'.. a must read.. and she is a talented photographer.

Offcourse there are many many more, so if you know a senior dog account that people should know about, let me know.


a senior dog-O-Holic mom

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