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Overcrowding in animal shelters.. AGAIN !!!

A message to the 'owners' that are dumping their dogs at shelters worldwide...

Dogs are getting dumped at shelters as never before.. Yes, we get it (NO, we DON'T).. you want your freedom back to do all the fun stuff, like travel, visit friends,...

well, guess what.. you can also do all those things WITH the dog in your live you desperatly needed when Covid put you in a lockdown.

Animal rescuers are physically, mentally and emotionally tired and distressed from taking care of YOUR dogs ..

Why is it so normal for people to throw dogs (and cats) away like trash ?

Do we really need to educate people that a dog can live for 12 years and more, just like a child it depends on you for everything.. food, walks, shelter, love..

Dogs are getting euthanized at an alarming speed.. young dogs, old dogs, sick dogs.. YOUR dog ..

Do you know you are a murderer ? Yes, you didn't kill your pup yourself.. but by giving up on him/her and dumping it at an overcrowded shelter you actually did!

I really really hope you are not teaching your children that animals don't matter!

Please, what ever you do.. Do NOT adopt or worse.. buy another puppy.. we all know where it's gonna end...

Why are there no animal RIGHTS ? They have a soul, they have feelings.. If you do not believe that, go to the shelter and see the dogs emotionally breaking down once they are getting aware their 'owner' dropped them there ..

How to start 'fixing' it..

* Maybe by starting to 'fix' each dog by spaying and neutering... NO need for extra puppies when animal rescuers have their hands full with abandoned dogs

* Educate children from a young age.. maybe implement an hour or two a week at schools to visit a local shelter and read to the shelter dogs..

* animal abuse = actual jail time

* give them their animal rights

* create laws AGAINST puppy mills and stop selling animals in stores or from sketchy private breeders.. When people buy from these sources, they could just as easily adopt one of the animals that are overpopulating the shelters.

* BUT most important of all : are YOU ready for a dog in your life ? are you willing to COMMIT for 12 years or longer ? Can you afford it ?

Vet costs (health insurance?) + groomer + food + boarding if you go on holiday

and so much more...


a Dog-O-Holic mom

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