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Life with a Senior Dog

senior dog pomeranian old dog black and white photo

I can’t think of many greater feelings than caring for dogs who are homeless at the end of their lives. It is impossible for me to convey the depth of emotion I experience when I save an older dog’s life, when I go to the shelter and pick up a dog who would have died alone, in a scary and unfamiliar environment.

I love the moments when Grigri is sitting next to me on the couch as I read a book, drink a glass of wine.. or two.. giving and getting comfort when needed.

Just like dogs of every age, Grigri is happy to see me when I get home from work.. that is.. I do have to wake him up.. Grigri will sleep untill he is certain I am the one who has arrived.. No need to get up if there would be burglar in the house, right !

For me it's a relief knowing that they feel safe at home when I am at work.

In addition to all that, I also looooove lower energy dogs.. the lazy ones... That is not to say “senior” means “slow” by any stretch. If you want a energetic senior your local shelter will inform you which ones are still puppies at heart and that love to be out and about.. and don't need a nap in between snacks, walks, etc

Don’t get me wrong – I will take Grigri out on a daily walk of about an hour every day so he can sniff, read his peemail and explore the neigborhood.. and I do have to carry him when he wants a better view of the world.. aka when he stops, lays down in the middle of street (usually when there are lots of people around) and refuses to move..

But I think it's important for any dog to go out on a daily walk and not only a walk around the block. Especially with Corona we all became aware how it feels when you can't go out and explore the world.. just like dogs feel when they don't receive enough outdoor time.

So, give your dog a hug from me, put on his collar and enjoy a walk.


a Senior Dog-O-Holic Mom

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