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To Leash or NOT to Leash your dog

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Grigri senior dog pomeranian outside in park with leash
Grigri enjoying a walk in the park

Why “It’s Okay, My Dog is Friendly” is NOT Okay

One of the things I fear the most when I walk my 3 dogs are the words being screamed from afar “it’s okay, my dog is friendly.” when you see their dog coming in full speed towards to your dogs..

Yes, that may be true that your dog is friendly, but that friendly dog may be having a “bad fur day” and just that once, behaves rudely towards my dogs!

So, what are the social norms and why is it acceptable?

Do you allow your dog to greet other dogs on leash or off leash ?

Ask pet owners and many believe it’s okay and often even encouraged.

When you go shopping, do you say hello to every stranger that passes by?

Similarly for our furry friends, not every dog is a social butterfly and often it is not safe to do so.

Even if your dog is as friendly as you say he is, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do your basic duty as a dog owner and train him to behave. The friendliest dogs are often the most ill-mannered because they are allowed to get away with things since they never actually end up hurting anyone. Just because your dog is harmless, however, doesn’t mean that his rude behaviour is excusable – this is true for all friendly dogs and it is something dog owners need to seriously consider.

Please, leash your dog.. here some reasons to do so

* You could lose your dog (always tag your dog so they can be found and brought safe home)

Dogs are easily spooked and might run away

funny dog id tag love stinks

* He could be injured or killed by another dog

Don't assume every dog is friendly

* He could run into traffic

* He might frighten other people.. Yes, it's hard to believe, but not everyone loves dogs (you know them.. cat people :) )

* He could cause an accident.

* He could be poisoned. You can't control what he eats off the ground.

* Leashes build relationships. It's easier to bond with your dog

* Offleash is illegal in some places

It is your task as a dog owner to take and keep control over your dog and to make sure that he is properly trained.

Be your dog’s advocate and just don’t do it. Keep your dog on the leash!

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