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In Need of Fosters !

senior dog senior pomeranian
Grigri, living life

'the greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated'' Mahatma Gandi

Elvis sang about 'return to sender' and sadly this is becoming true for a lot of dogs that were adopted during the Covid pandemic! They are still getting returned!

Everyone is getting ready to go out again..and sadly the first thing to 'go out' will be the dog they wanted when Covid started.. Lots of them bought in shops (which in return made the puppy mill mom's even have to 'produce' harder) are now being surrended to the shelters.. This is a global problem.

Because there is already an overcapacity at most shelters, this means fosters are now needed more than ever (and at the same time we desperately need to educate people about ''if YOU adopt or 'buy' a dog, YOU keep it till the day they cross the rainbowbridge"... and damn, neuter and spay your dog so that shelters get some breathing space to safe lives instead of having to put dogs on the euthasia list)

A dog is a life long commitment.. Not a 'Yes, I am free again, kick that dog to the curb'

If you want to help out and become a foster, contact your local shelter. There is a dog for everyone ... like senior dogs.

Being a foster for a senior dog increases their chances of getting adopted.

Senior dogs represent the highest at-risk percentage of pets in shelters.

Senior dogs have it hard in shelters, the noises, being left to their own devices..being next on the list to get euthanized in case of overcrowding..

By fostering a senior dog you are literally saving his life.

Senior dogs in foster that come from abuse, learn to trust and love again. If the foster already has pets, it allows the senior dog to socialize.

In a matter of time , these senior dogs, who have been thrown away as trash, learn to love and trust humans again.

Fostering can also be a satisfying experience for those who open their doors to senior dogs in need. They are able to see changes, physical and emotional that take place once they are in a loving environment.

Fostering is a great alternative for those can't commit to long term adoption.

If you can't adopt but are willing to help give senior dogs a second chance, please consider fostering.


a Dog-O-Holic mom

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