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How to Pet-proof your home for the Holidays!

How did we survive our childhood without seatbelts and bicycle helmets.. How did our dogs survived before knowing about toxic foods, plants and what an curling ribbon could do to their intestines ?

To avoid injuries, remember to pet-proof your home.

Here are a few points to take into consideration.

1. senior dogs are not little people.

Dogs are a fraction of our size. So the effect of anything on them will be multiplied in their smaller bodies.

Be extra careful before leaving any chocolate and raisins around, both of which can be toxic in dogs in smaller amounts than we would eat for fun. see a list with Toxic foods.

Contact your vet in case your think your dog ingested something toxic or call Pet Poison hottline.

2. Don’t ever think your dog “wouldn’t eat that.”

They will.. trust me..

If it touches the ground, it's theirs.. if they can pull it of the table, it's theirs..

3. Don’t think your dog “can’t get to it.”

They can... and they will.. They have nothing better to do than to stalk and kill your cheese plate, or the box with the curling ribbon.

Don't set them up for failure, give them a big Christmas Bone so they have something to do and they are safe while you are decorating the Christmas tree.

5. Your change in routine can change your senior dogs behavior

Don’t presume you can predict what your dog will do.

Senior dogs are creatures of habit, but this time of year we break habits, like arranging and decorating our space, maybe having more Zoom meetings as we are all still in lockdown..

Keep an eye on them, make sure they feel safe and are not to stressed, after all they are our family too.


a Dog mom-O-Holic

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