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Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to all.

What a year it has been.. A bit better than 2020, but for some (lots, more than expected) dogs this meant back to the shelter as their owner came out of lockdown and didn't have time for them... when they (the people) were bored and in lockdown a dog was the answer to their problems.. but once vaccinated these same dogs got dumped..

Worldwide the shelters are having a hard time, not only do they have to survive with donations going down, not able to raise funds themselves... but on top of that all the covid dogs return.. Luckily our IG Pet family really supported, donated, shared so that lots of them survived this year and were able to keep allowing dogs into their shelter.

As always A Paw To Your Heart tried to feature the dogs that needed that extra push to find a home. Our A Paw To Your Heart family grew with to amazing doglovers @_simonsayshello_ @ginotod and we will continue in 2022.

Today we have arrived in the year 2022.. what will our future bring ? No idea, but I do know that I made some amazing friends in this community that will support each other, no matter what..

January First is a great day to start with grattitude... grattitude for the ones that survived, for our friends and family and offcourse all our pets.. (who brought us all together on IG).

And 2022 will be better.... right ?


a SeniorDog-Mom-O-Holic wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year

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