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Grooming your senior dog

Were to start.. Finding a groomer that you trust with your dog is much like finding a hairstylist for yourself. Once you find one you love, you stay with them forever..

Senior dogs, just like senior people, like routines. The love of the familiar is not limited to seniors, but it is more exaggerated in them. They also often have particularities that take a little time to learn and to adapt to. A new groomer must be patient, gentle, and skilled with seniors.

Benefits of a groomer

Regular grooming provides an ideal opportunity to do a physical check of your dog’s body. examine him from nose to tail, checking for:

- any suspicious lumps or bumps that might be hidden by his coat

- any skin problems such as dryness and flaking, rashes or infections

- poor quality coat that could indicate an underlying health condition

- problems with his paw pads or claws

- bad breath or visible dental problems

- the presence of parasites such as flea, ticks or ear mites

As with most health and dental problems, the sooner they are identified, the quicker treatment can be started and the better the outcome for your beloved dog.

But you can also groomer your dog at home

In some cases, it might be best to forgo finding a new groomer and take the task upon yourself. The stress of going to the groomers can be too much.

If you’ve decided to do grooming at home, here are some items that will make your experience easier.

* Brush and Comb

You probably already have a hairbrush for your dog, but it’s essential to have one that will get through to the undercoat. Some brushes only reach the top layers of hair.

A good slicker brush is essential for most dogs. If your dog has a long-coat, longer pins can help get through all of the hair. C

A pin brush is also a great tool to have for dogs with long-hair. They come in various pin lengths and spacing, so choose appropriately for your dog’s coat.

A bristle brush is great for short-haired dogs. You may think your short-haired dog doesn’t need to be brushed much. But it’s essential to stimulate the skin and to get dead hair out of the coat.

You will also want to buy a comb with both course and finely spaced teeth. The course side of the comb is excellent for breaking up any mats or snarls. The fine side will get the hair out once you’ve broken it up.

* Grooming Tub

A nice grooming tub can make your life so much easier. No more kneeling on the bathroom floor, trying to stop your dog’s feet from falling into the kitchen drain or chasing your dog down with cold garden hose water in the backyard.

The tub you choose will depend on the size of your dog.

* Hose attachment

Hose attachments are another item that makes your life easier. . It’s easy to install, and you have the option to use it in either the tub or with the garden hose.

* Shampoo and Conditioner

If you liked the results from your previous groomer, you can ask what product they used and buy it.

* Some senior dogs have sensitive skin (like Grigri), they get a special shampoo from their vet

* Dryer

If you have a long-haired or thick-coated dog, you will want to invest in a dryer. Most groomers used forced-air dryers because they are very efficient. But they are expensive and very loud, which can cause anxiety in some dogs.

* Scissors

If you are going to be trimming the face, paws, or skirt, a good pair of scissors is essential. You can choose rounded ends to make you feel safer if you are worried about poking your dog.

Consider starting with an inexpensive pair to see how much you are actually going to use them and then buy a nicer pair if needed.

* Nail Grinder or Nail Clippers

Depending on your dog and how much he tolerates having his nails clipped, you can decide between a nail grinder or a nail clipper.

I prefer to go to the vet to get his nails clipped

* Grooming Table

A grooming table is a very nice thing to have. The non-slip rubber surface helps tremendously with safety. Also, it’s nice to have a dedicated surface to do nothing but grooming on.

If you don’t want to buy a grooming table, a bath mat with a rubber backing on top of the kitchen table is a good, inexpensive alternative.

Rewards of grooming at home

Your relationship will grow deeper as you get used to each other in this process. You will learn to work with each other to get the job done with love, kindness, and patience.

How to decide ? You know your dog best..Maybe your dog hates the car ride, or can’t tolerate being kenneled. Perhaps there is a health concern, and stress would only exacerbate the situation or if they are set in their ways and don't like strangers, best to try a home grooming to see how you both like it..

For me personal, Grigri loves his groomer and behaves much MUCH better than when I have to groom him. My other dog Lily however is home groomed as she is hypervigilant regarding her surroundings 24/7.


a dog-O-Holic-mom

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