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Fashion or Functional? A jacket for your senior dog

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Grigri sneior dog pomeranian black and white blog

A jacket for dogs: what an (non)sense ?

Is it humanizing dogs? Don't dogs just have a coat that provides enough warmth?

The photo's below shows how much heat a dog loses in the cold. A lot of heat. In essential places. And this does not only apply to hairless dogs or short-haired dogs. Just as long-haired people can also lose a lot of heat.

How come ? And why was this not an issue in the past?

Very simple. Dogs used to be much more outside or barn animals. They did not enter heated rooms and so they got (yes, a real) winter coat. Because our dogs nowadays almost all live inside and houses are all heated to around 20 degrees, a dog sheds, but he will no longer get that great winter coat like outdoor dogs do.

In addition, our dog has to go outside from a 20-degree warm room to sometines 3 degrees outside. Quite a shock to the system, especially for senior dogs.

People will wear a thick winter coat, if you wear a jacket, so should your dog.

Dogs that live outside will find a place in the straw, or against another animal, away from wind and rain. And thus provide their own sheltered spot. When they move outside in extreme cold, they are active to keep warm.

Our house dogs are on a leash when they get out for a daily walk, and at that rate, their body doesn't get much of a chance to get and stay warm.


A dog jacket is not a luxury. And if your dog is cold, I definitely recommend one.

Do you want to read the original text (In German) ? Cource (Volker Fuetterer/Germany:


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic, ready to do some winter jacket shopping

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