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Bedtime with Grigri

senior pomeranian black and white photo dog staring
Grigri giving his best Stare Down

How does your dog let you know they want to go to sleep in the evening ?

Grigri will hold a stare down.. he will position himself right in the corner of my eye, so I can't watch television or be on my computer without noticing him.. and than he stares.. he doesn't move, he doesn't make any noise.. he just stands there and stares..

If he is tired at 9 pm (after his 50th nap of the day), then 9pm is the time he wants me to put on my pj's and go to sleep.

Did I really move out of my parents house to let my dog tell me what to do... well, apparently I did...

The problem is that he sleeps in my bed, but because I find it to dangerous for him to jump off (when I adopted him he had no muscles in his legs and couldn't jump at all from surviving 7 years in a puppymill) he knows I am the one who needs to put him on the bed.

IF (or rather WHEN) I give up and will go to sleep Mister Grigri will have at least a ''15 minute-cleaning my paws as loud as possible, woman''- moment before I can finally get to sleep ..

If he is thirsty during the night, he will wake me up by softly making a noise.. and as a trained dogmom I will be up and put him on the ground so he can take a quick drink.. so I can go back to sleep.. Have you ever noticed if they NEED to hurry up, they are as slow as a snail ?!

Does your dog sleep on the bed ?


a tired 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic.

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