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A puppy is NOT a Christmas Present. Part I

Christmas is around the corner.. which means that many people think they need to purchase a puppy as a heartwarming gift for their children.

Dogs should NEVER be an impulse purchase. Buying or adopting a dog takes a lot of research on which pup complements your lifestyle and energy level.

Many people do not have the time, energy or money to care for a dog over the long term. A new owner may enjoy the animal for a few weeks, but then resent ''the gift'' once the novelty wears off, and the cute puppy starts growing into an active, needy, larger dog.

Unlike with other holiday presents, owners cannot put the dog away in the closet after the novelty wears off. In most cases, one of the parents becomes the primary caretaker, doing the feeding, walks, litter scooping and all of the other chores the children once promised to do themselves.

Furthermore, "dogs as playthings" is the wrong message to send to children. Pets are living beings who require substantial time and daily care, plus expenses for food, training, vet bills and occasional petsitters.

Studies show that too often the gift puppy is given up within the first year, starved for training, socialization and affection. Too many wonderful dogs will end up at shelters.

When you hear of people who plan to give a dog as a gift, please take the opportunity to educate them. Animals cannot speak for themselves, be their voice ! They count on you to share the message that dogs are for life and need to be a part of the family and be treated as such.

Invite them to their local shelter where a lot of the 'presents" end up, maybe they can volunteer there the following year in preperation of adopting a dog or make a donation.

Maybe they even fall in love with a Senior dog (they are always overlooked, but especially this time of year when everyone wants a puppy)


A Senior Dog mom-O-Holic which Christmas wish is that all Senior Dogs get adopted

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