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A puppy is NOT a Christmas Present. Part III

Why are holidays usually a bad time to introduce an pup to a new home?

* You will probably be too occupied with holiday preparations and overall activity to give the new pet the attention they desperately need. It is already upsetting for a puppy to leave his mother and siblings.

The first few days in a new home and with a new family are critical to a puppy. His transition into new home and family will affect his ability to bond with and trust humans. A stressful introduction can have negative after-effects to successfully integrate into your family.

* Especially puppies need time to adjust, you will have to train them to go outside, you will have to feed them on set times. Puppies need a fix schedule for which they rely on their dogmom and dogdad.

* Children and new pups are not a good match, especially when you are to busy with holiday preparation to supervise and keep the dog safe.

This is why so many shelters and breeders will not place an dog during these holidays. At some shelters, an estimated 50 percent of holiday adoptees eventually end up back at the shelter.

To improve the chances of a successful adoption wait till after this busy time of year and introduce your (hopefully) 'senior' dog during a relaxed, quiet time when you can devote full attention to helping them adjust. They are worth it.

If you really love animals, you will let them ease into your family instead of dumping him in the middle of chaos and expect it to behave.


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