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A puppy is NOT a Christmas Present. Part II

A behind the scenes of the "Christmas Gift Pup" you are giving as a present..

* "During this time of year, many people capitalize on the flow of emotions and spur of the moment decisions.... This is when the pet stores are full of popular breeds straight from their suppliers -- puppy mills. You all know how I feel about puppy mills as Grigri is a survivor.

For those who don't know what a puppy mill is - as described in the dictionary :

"an ""establishment ""that breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane"

"the government aims to stop puppy farms, where dogs may be kept in cramped conditions with little concern for their needs"

'' Females in puppy mills are sometimes bred every time they are in heat, regardless of whether they have physically recovered from the last litter. Once a breeding female can no longer be bred, whether from pure exhaustion or from age, the female is usually killed. Puppies are also often weaned from their mothers well before the recommended 8–⁠10 weeks of age ''

Here is a picture of were your Christmas puppy's mom lives (or better, is fighting for her life every. single. day.)

Lots of puppy mills moms will breed litter after litter so that the Christmas 'gifts"s for your children will arrive on time.. Many moms will die for that Christmas Pup that will have a 70% chance to end up at the shelter the following year..

* Keep in mind that reputable breeders don't allow puppies to go home during the holidays because of the delicate state of the animals and the difficulty for new owners to help a new animal acclimate in a holiday setting full of distractions and stress (not to mention puppy choking hazards).

To a reputable breeder, safe, responsible environments for their pups is far more important than money.

* The months following the holidays will be very busy for rescue organizations. Many of last year's holiday puppies are now up for adoption. It is tragic how many poor animals wind up abandoned.

So please, think twice.. if you really want to include a dog into your family, wait till the next year. Take your time and visit your local shelter who will be filled with 'Christmas Presents'.


a Dog mom-O-Holic, fighting to end puppy mills everywhere by bringing awareness and educate

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