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Hot Asphalt Awareness For Dogs 🌡

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

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As the summer gets hotter, so does the pavement. The high heat of Summer can become extremely hazardous for your dogs paws.

You might not realize because you’re wearing shoes, but the asphalt soaks up heat all day and can severely burn your dogs paws.

At 125 degrees Fahrenheit, skin destruction can happen in just 60 seconds.

An easy way to test the temperature of a surface is the ''seven-second-test''. Simply touch the pavement with the back of your hand for seven seconds. If you can't hold out for the full seven seconds because the surface is too hot, then it's also too hot for your dog's paws

Many surfaces can heat up quickly throughout the day, if you are walking your dog on sand, cement, or asphalt on a warm day be sure to test it first. Or even in the bed of your truck - the hot metal can burn paws quickly.

While these temperature correlations represent extreme conditions they demonstrate the possibility of the ground becoming way too hot for your dogs paws. Just like leaving your dog in the car when it’s hot out can quickly be fatal, taking your dog out can be just as detrimental.

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If your dog must be out and about when it’s hot, pick up some dog shoes to help protect those precious paws or if you have small dogs carry them to a grass area.

symptoms of burns are:

🐾 The affected area is reddened and swollen (1st degree)

🐾 Clear blisters are visible (2nd degree)

🐾 The skin is charred (3rd degree)

How to avoid burns:

🐾 do the ''seven-second-test'' before walking your dog

🐾 walk your dog on grass or in meadows

🐾 walk your dog at times when the ground is coller - early in the morning or late in the evening.

Be smart, check before you walk 🐾

Share these tips to help protect your four-footed companions

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a dogmom who carries her dogs to the nearest grassfield

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