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Skin conditions in senior dogs

pomeranian senior dog puppy mill survivor skin conditions
Grigri Puppy Mill Surivor

7 years in a puppy mill has taken a toll on Grigri. Luckily the only 'problems' that he still has from those years trying to survive in a tiny cage and being treated like trash, is a big personality and sensitive skin.

Sometimes it flares up (the sensitive skin not the big personality,.. that is for EVER) and than I will keep his fur short so his skin can breath and the groomer will use a special shampoo for him that the vet provided).

What can you do if your dog has a problem with his skin ?

If you see your dog scratching, itching, licking, or rubbing more than usual, he could have a skin condition. If you notice this behavior in your dog, take a good look at the areas that seem most problematic.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of skin problems in dogs:

* Red spots, spots or pimples

* Crusts, crusts or thickened skin

* Scaly patches

* Itching, scratching, licking or chafing

* Hair loss

* Unpleasant skin odor

If you notice any of these skin condition symptoms in your senior dog, take him to the vet

Causes of Skin Conditions in Dogs

* Environmental allergies

Skin problems in dogs are sometimes the result of environmental allergens. Skin allergies in dogs usually show up in very specific body parts of your dog: face, ears, paws, tail base, under the elbows and in the groin. Allergies usually appear between the ages of 3 months and 6 years. Be sure to ask your vet if your dog should not have an allergy test.

Environmental allergies can include pollen, mold spores and dust mites. These allergens are airborne and can be present all year round, except for pollen, which is more common in the spring. That's why skin care for your dog should be a priority.

Skin allergies in dogs are often chronic and must be treated for life. This means washing your dog with an anti-itch shampoo to help soothe his skin. Diet also plays an important role in dog skin health. Switching to a dog food with a formulation that supports skin health can help reduce irritation.

* Parasites and fleas

Fleas, lice and mites can all cause skin irritation in dogs. Bites from parasites cause irritation, causing dogs to bite and scratch themselves and damage their skin. Some dogs can be particularly sensitive, or hypersensitive, to bites from parasites, as one flea bite can cause your senior dog a lot of discomfort.

* Infections

Just like your dog's general health, bacterial and fungal infections can cause skin problems in your senior dog. Infections can be caused by a number of reasons such as allergies, but open wounds or cuts are the most susceptible to infection and usually pose the greatest danger to your dog's skin and general health. Make sure to see your vet if you think your dog has a skin infection.

* Food allergies

Just like humans, dogs can develop food hypersensitivity as a result of a reaction to certain types of proteins in your senior dog's diet. Your vet can perform an allergy test to determine if your dog has food allergies and recommend a dog food formulated for dogs with food hypersensitivity.

Supporting your dog's skin health

The first thing to think about when you discover any kind of skin problem in your dog is to see your vet. She can help you determine the cause of your skin irritation and choose the best remedy. The recommendations can be one or all of the following:

* medication

can help fight skin infections or severe itching

* nutrition

can help soothe sensitive skin. It can also help find the source of the problem by identifying the cause

Foods high in essential fatty acids are also good for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

* supplements

can provide your dog with some of the fatty acids or other nutrients he needs to heal.

Your senior dog's skin health is vital to his overall health. Proper washing, regular skin and coat inspections and annual vet checkups are a great way to help prevent skin problems in your old dog and keep him happy and healthy.


a senior Dog-O-Holic Mom

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