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Senior Shine - Meet The Feisty_Furry_Family

When talking about puppy mill survivors, it's always better to put a furry face on it..and today you will not meet one.. but two survivors ! Double the fur.. double the fun..!

Their dogmom wrote :

Meet Lucille and Bentley: From Puppy Mills to Paradise

Sweet little Lucille was found by rescuers around the age of 10 in a dark barn with many other dogs in stacked dog carriers. They were not in stacked crates. They were in precariously stacked dog carriers. It was later found out the people who ran this horrific operation had fallen ill, and instead of their adult children informing someone, they came and gave them food and “cleaned” their carriers once per week. Lucille had one rotten tooth when she was found. She was thin, and she was matted and filthy. Lucille had a $50 adoption fee because she was the only senior in the bunch and was still healing from her medical treatments. It had been weeks by the time we found out about her, and all her barn mates had been adopted. They were younger and in better health. In our eyes, Lucille is priceless.

For the first two years with us, she slept under the bed and would wake up in fear several times every night. Lucille has lived with us for three years now, and she is living her best life. She now sleeps in her own bed without waking up scared every night. She will let us cuddle, and she loves being carried around in her sling. She runs around the yard and knows she is safe and loved. I’m so thankful for the angels who rescued her!

Bentley is the newest addition to our family. He has been with us for about eight months. His age is estimated to be around ten years old. He was found wandering the streets in a nearby town. What little hair he had was matted and dirty. He was severely malnourished and underweight. It took about three months of medical care, good nutrition, and love to get to the point where he could be adopted. Further investigation revealed that Bentley had been thrown to the streets when he was no longer useful for breeding. I’m so thankful he was able to stay alive long enough to be rescued!

This little guy is such a sweetheart who has loved his dad from day one. We researched what to do for Alopecia X, and he eventually had to have all of his teeth removed despite the vet trying to save them. I believe the time he spent with his foster mom was key to his easy transition. He knew he was home and safe. We send pictures to his foster mom every weekend and on holidays. He has been a blessing to our family.

Lucille and Bentley will never be used or abused again. They will always be fed and warm. They will only know love and safety. xx

Thank you so much for sharing the story of Lulu and Bentley.

You can find all the pictures and posts of this amazing furfamily on their IG account,


a dog-O-Holic mom

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