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Saying Goodbye to your senior dog part 2

Yesterday I talked about saying goodbye to our Senior Dog

The moment we have to say goodbye is so heart wrenching, many dog parents aren’t able to be in the room when it happens... some like myself couldn't image not being their when they take their last breath.

What would you do?

Perhaps you’ve already been faced with this decision so you know what you’ll do. Maybe you weren’t entirely sure you did the right thing so will do the opposite next time. Quite possibly you haven’t had to say goodbye before and you’re not sure what the “right” decision is.

This is very important to understand – there is no “right” decision, only the one that you can handle in that moment.

Having to think about the unthinkable

The reason why it’s so important to give it some thought is because it’s irreversible, and when you’re in the middle of heartbreak it’s hard to think clearly.

I personally decide to stay with each dog till the very end. How lonely would they feel if they would be left alone in a cold room with a vet when they take their final breath. It's the least we as dog moms and dads could do.

So when you’re faced with having to make an immediate “yes or no”, “stay or go” what do you do? I hope the following will help.

Why you might decide to stay

* Feeling your dog is comforted by your presence, which in turn may give you comfort and peace

* Wanting yours to be the last face your dog sees

* The fear you might regret/feel guilty not having been there

* Knowing how impossible it will be, but doing it anyway because you want to be there for your dog as you have been until now

* The vet’s office can be a very scary place with some unfamiliar people around, having you there can be a great source of comfort

* Even if you “know” he’s gone, sometimes not actually seeing it can leave you doubting whether it happened

* You want to rest easy knowing he passed quickly and painlessly

Why you might decide not to stay

* You’d rather not remember your dog’s final moments surrounding by strangers in a clinical setting

* You want your last image to be of him alive in your home, garden, on his favourite bed…

* Concern your emotions will stress your dog

* You may be scared of death, almost superstitious

Another option

An alternative to your vet’s clinic is having a vet come to your home. Your dog will be in a familiar environment, surrounded by everyone he loves who loves him. And his siblings will have the chance to say goodbye. Perhaps this option is one you’re more comfortable with.

Knowing what to expect

Being unfamiliar with the process frightens people (even though my vet was amazing it terrified me because I had no idea what to expect the first time I had to say goodbye) and influences their decision whether to be with their dog or not. Have your vet explain what happens step by step and see if that helps you decide.

A sad topic to be sure but an important one to think about. Whether you decide to stay or not is a decision only you can make, but I do hope this post will help.

If you feel comfortable sharing, did you stay? If you’ve never been through this before, have you given any thought to what you will do?


a senior dog-mom-O-Holic

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