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Preparing a First Aid Kit for a Senior Dog

Do you have a First Aid Kit for your seniordog ? If not and you need some help, here are some things it should include.

Keep everything in a waterproof container (create one for your home, for your car and one if you go hiking)

1. Rectal thermometer (and lubricant for easy insertion)

2. Tweezers and blunt-end scissors

3. * Gauze (can double as a muzzle to prevent stress biting. Never muzzle a dog who is : Couching, has trouble breathing or nauseous)

* bandages, cotton balls

4. Blankets & towels (Good for gentle restraining and carrying a dog)

5. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), for bee stings and other allergic reactions. (Dosage is one milligram per pound of body weight) --> IF APPROVED BY YOUR VET

6. Syringe to flush eyes, clean wounds or administer liquid medicine

7. Alcohol wipes (for sterilizing items)

8. Hydrogen peroxide* (3% only). Very versatile item. Use to induce vomiting (as directed by your vet) and clean wounds and ears. * Hydrogen peroxide will flatten as it ages, so keep an unopened bottle handy

9. Measuring spoon for dosing

10. Activated charcoal . Give orally for ingestion of poisons. Consult with your vet or poison control before administering.

11. Saline solution to flush out eyes and clean wounds

12. Muzzle for restraint for stress & fear biting (or use Gauze)

13. Extra leash and collar

14. Pair of disposable gloves

15. 2 splints

16. Thermal survival blanket

17. Collapsible water bowl with carabiner

18. Ice pack

19. Keep an Emergency Contact Card * 24H emergency vet * Local vet when traveling * Pet poison hotline * Always bring extra medication on trips


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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