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Poem Don't Buy a Dog

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

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I found this amazing poem online by Juliana Kupchick that I really wanna share on this. Enjoy

Don't buy a dog in search of a puppy

For puppy's get older and slower and chubby

Just think of it this way when it's time to choose

A puppy's an old dog who still eats your shoes

Don't buy a dog in search of a breed

A purebread's the same as a mixed ''special needs''

And just like a dog doesn't notice your race

see your dog's heart and not your dog's face

Don't buy a dog in order to mate it

For this is how unwanted dogs are created

Millions of others are already breeding

and now it's our love that their babies are needing

Don't buy a dog if you just want to ''try one''

You want something cute so you went out to buy one

But a dog's not a toy, it's a lifelong commitment

and being an owner means being consistent

Don't buy a dog from a breede or store

there 's simply no need and they cost so much more

Shelters and rescues are filled to the top

with dogs who're forgotten each time that you shop

Don't buy a dog for prestige or perfection

A rescue dog's flaws are a huge misconception

Their tails never wag, but rather they dance

And the music begins when you give them a chance

Don't buy a dog, and now you know why

Next time you're looking just give it a try

Then tell all the family and friends that you've got :

When you want a dog, please don't buy one



a Dog mom-O-Holic

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