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Myths about senior dogs

Here are some myths about senior dogs

1 They die very quickly.

It depends. If you adopt a hospice senior than you know their time is shortend. But what a gift to choose a hospice senior and enjoy their last days, weeks or months knowing they are being loved till their last breath.

But most senior dogs don't die a week after you adopt them.. although that is always a possiblity. But look at it in this way : when you adopt a senior dog you cherish him more because you know your time with them is limited.

2. Senior Dogs sleep a lot

Yes, they do. This will give you time to do your own thing.

I take my senior dog to the park and when he comes back he sleeps. It's a relief to know that when I am at work they are not destroying stuff, feeling loney, bark.. they sleep... and maybe snore a bit....

3. They are more expensive when they get sick

The best thing you can do when you have a senior dog is to schedule more vet check ups. Minor issues can become major problems more quickly, so I would suggest minimum twice a year.

4 Older dogs don't have fun

Whaaat ! Yes, some are lazy and don't prefer to walk, so buy them a stroller and you can still keep jogging or walking and they will love to join you..

When you are looking for a more energetic senior dog, the rescue shelter will gladly help you so you can make the right descision for your family.

There is a senior dog out there at the shelter for every person, waiting to meet you and hoping you will give him a home..

Open your home for a senior dog and they will steal your heart.


a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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