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How to know you buy from a Puppy Mill

puppy mill survivor pomeranian senior dog
Grigri, a puppymill suvivor

You have decided you want a puppy or better, an senior.., it's very tempting and easy to buy from pet stores or online.

Here are reasons why to avoid this :

* They all buy their puppies from a puppy farm, they are not registered breeders.

* If the parents or puppies don’t seem accustomed to human interaction, it is most likely a puppy mill.

* If the puppies and/or parents seem unhealthy or unclean.

* They might not let you see the parents of the puppies

* The “breeders” might breed multiple breeds of dogs – Normally if they are a reputable breeder they will be passionate about 1 type of breed, and won’t have multiple breeds.

Be careful when buying online, it has become a popular way of selling puppy mill dogs.

The puppies don’t have the breed standard traits, as they may not be from purebred parents.

When buying a puppy avoid the temptation of “rescuing” a puppy mill puppy, this is still putting money into the pockets of the puppy farm owner. As long as they keep making money, they will keep producing puppies.

If you are considering getting a puppy contact your local rescue shelters, thousands of dogs are looking for a home ranging from puppy till senior.

You can volunteer at your shelter and maybe you will even fall in love with a senior, with their mellow, charming way and steal your heart.


a proud dog mom of a puppy mill survivor

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