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Every dog needs exercise, even senior dogs

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

funny drawing how to exercise at home with your dog

We all know our furchildren need exercise just as much as we do and getting them out to stretch their legs means your getting out too!

A dog will never bail on your morning walk and always excited to join you. Many people need some outside motivation to work out, or need someone to hold them accountable for sticking to a regular exercise routine. Well, guess who won't let you sleep in? Your dog..

Most dogs are full of energy and that energy needs to go somewhere, otherwise problem behaviours may start and your pet will become more prone to health issues. The great thing about exercising your pet is there are so many ways to do it. Dogs expend energy at the dog park being social and playing fetch. Even obedience training is a form of exercise. Exercise is fun for all the family and a great way to bond with your pet.

* Exercise keeps your pet fit and healthy

A walk everyday goes a long way to helping your dog maintain a healthy digestive and circulatory system. Exercise helps to lower blood pressure and build up muscle. Coupled with a healthy diet, exercise is the best way to keep weight off your dog – and helps you get fit too! Obesity can be a real problem in our pets and can lead to more medical issues, such as respiratory and joint problems.

It’ll even help your pet have healthy bones. Walking also helps your dog to poo and wee so they’ll be less likely to get constipation or a urinary tract infection.

* Exercise can prevent behavioural problems

Exercise stops your pet becoming bored. This is particularly true for dogs – if you leave them alone in the yard or house, and forget to take them out for a run or walk, frustration creeps in. This is when problem behaviours such as digging holes, chewing furniture and barking at the drop of a hat begin.

If you happen to have a yard for your dog, that’s great! However, just letting them out into the yard for a while isn’t enough for exercise or mental stimulation. Dogs will not make up their own whole exercise routine just because they are outside. Having a yard is an opportunity to play catch and fetch with your dog!

Walking around your neighborhood or a park with your dog will not only make the exercise more enjoyable for you, but your dog will greatly benefit as well.. they (the dog 😉) will enjoy reading their peemail and respond and comment to everything they 'read'

* Exercise helps your pet be happy

Depression can sometimes affect dogs when they lose a companion or their routine changes with the introduction of a baby or moving house. A great way to get them out of their funk is to get out and exercise some more. Walks in particular are great for helping your dog’s mood ­– the exercise is great, but it’s the smells and being with you that really make their tail wag.

Toys, puzzles and social activities also equal happy dogs and cats. It is also important to be safe while exercising with your pet. Keep your dog on a leash, only let them off the leash in designated off leash areas and if your dog will respond to commands. Just in case they will take off, you can add a dog tag to their collar to make sure they return safe home. Click link to shop some more fun pet id tags.

Just getting your pet moving by doing some activity like ball chasing, hide and seek, chase and outside training. Just enjoy spending time together.

* Your mind gets a workout too!

Switching up activities with your dog can provide valuable mental stimulation and relieve boredom. When you introduce an interactive exercise, you're challenging the brain to learn something new. Are you and your pup ready for a challenge? Agility and Flyball are exciting competitions that incorporate physical, mental, and obedience skills.

* Activities with your dog strengthens your bond.

Actively playing with your pup and spending valuable one-on-one time builds trust and a stronger companionship. You may notice your dog is more obedient and eager to listen.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Happy dog = happy human.

Dogs, like people, are individuals and are each going to have their own exercise needs. These needs can vary depending on things like age and breed. High energy breeds can certainly benefit from a more lengthy walk while more senior dogs may just need a short walk to stretch their legs.

If you have a senior dog, you will have to adjust their exercise program.. I will discuss this in my next post


a Dog-O-Holic mom

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1 Comment

Janet Daniel
Janet Daniel
Feb 08, 2023

However, it is important to adjust the type and intensity of exercise for senior dogs based on their individual needs and physical limitations. Gentle activities such as short walks, slow swimming, or interactive playtime are good options for senior dogs. It is also important to consult with a veterinarian to ensure that any health issues are taken into consideration when developing an exercise plan for a senior dog. Also visit this website :

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